Ms. Margaret White came to the Mission of Love Charities because she heard about a computer program for seniors. Once she completed the orientation process, and met Ms. Flood, the instructor, who quickly put her at ease, she knew that she had again
made the right decision.

Ms. White, who has been very active in the community and county as a civic worker for many years, said, “There are some seniors who ‘retire to expire,’ and others who ‘retire
to inspire.’ “ Margaret also said that she has always had a hunger for learning, even
as a young person. In her work with civic and community organizations, she is constantly preparing letters, emails, fliers, new items, etc. on her computer (through trial and error at first) that are disseminated throughout the community. While she often encountered formatting problems of one kind or another, she still persisted.

She said that there were many things she wanted to do on the computer but didn’t know how. But not any more! Since she has been taking computer classes at MOLC over the past year, she has
learned how to do many of the things that were stressing her out before and much more! She said that her newly acquired skills have enabled her to be more confident and competent on the computer, which now makes her community work even more enjoyable. She said that she is “astonished†and “very proud†of her present computer skills and feels a great sense of achievement. She credits her newly acquired computer skills to the very comprehensive training
she received from her instructor, Ms. Flood, and the warm fellowship with her fellow classmates at the
Dr. Douglas E. Edwards Training Center.

A retired career nurse for 40 years, she has worked in various hospitals such as Howard University, Georgetown University, DC General and George Washington University. Because of her hunger for learning, she has also worked
in the area of real estate for 17 years. For Ms. White, “retirement†is not in her vocabulary. With the help of MOLC computer classes, she continues to be an inspiration and a very active senior with a hunger for lifelong learning.



Mission of Love Charities, Inc. is asking
for donations of furniture and other items

Donated Items Are Given To Vlients:

The Mission of Love Charities, Inc. (MOLC) of Capitol Heights, Maryland, is a multifaceted  nonprofit human services organization dedicated to helping the underserved by providing free programs and services designed to meet their immediate and short-term needs.  While we continue to accept clothing, household amenities, we are constantly in need of good usable furniture as well as other household items that could be used to get a family off to a good start as they find housing.

MOLC's clients are those persons from the greater Washington, DC region between the ages of 18 and 50 who support themselves and their families with an incomes under $17,000 per year.  Many are women with children who are unsupported in their transition from welfare to work, and are shopping at MOLC to supplement their limited income.  In addition to furniture, clothing, nonperishable food, and household amenities, MOLC offers to those we serve job and life skills training.

Furniture pick-ups can be made by calling our warehouse at 301-333-4440 and asking for Denise Robinson. Please allow at least two weeks for pick-up.  Or, it is a big help to us if you have the means, to transport your items and bring them directly to our warehouse located at: 6180 Old Central Avenue, Capitol Heights, MD.  Remember, all donations are tax deductible and you will be given a receipt for your items.

Donated Support Items Offered For Sale:

New/used cars, trucks, RVs, boats, motorcycles, and other motorized equipment.  Except flat tires, dead batteries, and other minor repairs.  Additionally, cash, checks and money orders are always acceptable.


Because of each of you, we are able to provide numerous services to over 10,000 disenfranchised families and individuals yearly.  Again, thank you and our prayers and best wishes are with you and your family now and always!



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Updated July, 2011