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At the Mission of Love Charities, we are very impressed with how Tatiana Johnson has grown as a result of being involved in MOLC’s youth program. She is often commended by instructors for her noticeable poise and abilities. She is already a world traveler, has the ability to speak Spanish, and recently won Homecoming Duchess for the 10th grade class at Dr. Henry A Wise Jr. High School.

As a frequent participant in MOLC workshops over the
last two years, we have witnessed Tatiana speaking up, being willing to learn, and being curious about every subject we teach. A lawyer who taught the Know Your Legal Rights seminar, which provides real cases for students to analyze, commented on Tatiana’s abilities and resourcefulness. He said that she was actively engaged in the subject, passionate about bringing out
the facts in the case studies, and volunteered to present her team’s position.

In addition to her support of MOLC, she is active in her church, singing in the choir, serving in the usher ministry and helping with children.
She also volunteered with Maryland Park and Planning this past summer at
an elementary school summer camp.

Tatiana is always respectful, helpful, a fast learner and needs little direction.
We are proud that she is a member of our Youth Development Program.



Established in 1991, the Mission of Love Charities, Inc. (MOLC) is a nonprofit multifaceted health and human services organization dedicated to meeting the immediate basic human needs of the underprivileged and impoverished throughout the region by providing free programs and services designed for short-term stability.  MOLC is committed to addressing basic human needs by equipping individuals with the tools needed for long-term stability and growth.

Based in Prince George's County, Maryland, as of June 30, 2010, the MOLC has provided critically needed services to more than 306,743 underprivileged and impoverished individuals and families throughout the Washington metropolitan region.  In a single year, MOLC assists an average 6000 first-time clients and 4000 repeat clients receiving over 15,000 units of service.  Most clients are adults ranging in ages of 18 to 50 who live in and are homeless in Prince George's County, and who support themselves and their family with an income of under $22,000 per year.  Many are women with children who are unsupported and are transitioning from welfare to work.  Approximately 70% come from Maryland, 25% for the District of Columbia, and 5% from Northern Virginia.  It is also important to note that 83% of our revenue goes directly to service our clients, helping them become more responsible and involved citizens.

Clients are typically referred by local agencies. However, individuals as well as parallel organizations are encouraged to contact MOLC directly for assessment of services. Call 301-333-4440 to sign up for a program or for more information.


MOLC provides free services to its clients through three programs—Basic Needs, Life Skills/Work Readiness, and Seniors' Network.

This program helps individuals and families stretch their limited income by providing for their basic needs such as counseling and case management services, food/clothing/shelter/furniture and household amenities. Donated items are given away FREE to MOLC Basic Needs Clients. These are key components of a program designed to meet clients where they are. Based on one-on-one counseling and assessments, clients are given referrals to community services for needs not covered by MOLC.

Helps individuals develop new personal and professional skills. Emphasizing training and case management, participants attend classes and work with MOLC to develop an Individual Responsibility Plan, that includes job search and career advancement strategies. Ultimately, our life skills program is designed to help individuals enter the job market, secure higher paying jobs, and improve their lives. After the completion of the Life-Skills Program students are accepted in to the Alumni Association. The Alumni Association assists graduates in continued professional development, socialization, networking, and peer support. The Alumni Association allows students to give back to the community through MOLC & other organizations as well as give support and mentoring to current Life-Skills students.

This program is designed for seniors (age 60 and older) to provide opportunities to learn basic computer skills and receive information on wellness, health screenings, assisted transportation, and other information on topics of concern to seniors. Senior graduates are also accepted into MOLC Alumni Association.



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